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10-4 Truck focuses on providing legal services for professionals in the transportation industry.


Commercial truck drivers encompass the largest percentage of professional drivers traveling the city highways and roads and are completely dependent on this employment for personal income. Protecting the value and reputation of their commercial license is just as important as insurance, maintenance and compliance with state laws. Every issued traffic ticket has a point value attached by the DMV and an accumulation of points within a certain time period can result in a suspended license. This suspension can cause termination of employment and lost income.


10-4 Truck specializes in the legal area of assisting transportation professionals who depend on a clean driving and DMV records as the sole part of their professional lives.


10-4 Truck  provides legal assistance for the various types of traffic violations. These include license suspension, tickets, DMV hearings, warrants, DUI offenses, overweight tickets, license reinstatement and reopening cases that were closed to clear driving records. Clients are provided updated advice free of charge on changing legislation, regulations, rules and compliance to help provide the knowledge required to maintain a clean driving record and avoid confrontations and violations with the law.


Every driver deserves the right to have the best legal defense to assist with the complexities of traffic law issues. Contact us for a free consultation to see what we can do to help you.