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Our Services

Making your life easier

At 10-4 Truck, we aim to eliminate all possible obstacles in your way so that you can put all of your energy into your driving. We achieve this by streamlining the process of filling out and submitting the required paperwork to operate your motor vehicle.

Our team of experts understand the challenges faced in the trucking industry.
We are routinely advancing our methods in which we service our clients to ensure that every client receives solutions that exceed expectations.
No B-S. We’re here to do it all.

Commercial Trucking

Made easy

Permit Processing

Let us take care of the annoying, but necessary task of filing commercial trucking permits.
We’ll take the trip to the DMV for you.

Legal Representation

We provide legal assistance for various types of traffic violations.
Our team of licensed attorneys are at your disposal.

Insurance & Financing

Thinking about expanding?
We’re here to facilitate your growth.

Let us help you grow.

Our Core Services

We provide legal assistance for the various types of traffic violations you may incur while driving.

Whether it’s a ticket or a warrant – we’re here to help.

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We’re experts in business management.
Let us help you grow your business so you can focus on the mileage instead.

Our office might only be open M-F 8am to 6pm, but we’re here and ready to help 24×7.

We’re willing to work with you.
We offer manageable payment plans to our clients

We handle all the bureaucratic B.S so you don’t need to. Make it our problem instead of yours!

It’s Time

Are you ready for the next step?